How to Pack TV For Moving

If you plan to relocate to a new home, you will have to make several decisions. One of them is how to pack a TV for moving correctly. Moving a TV necessitates extra caution to protect the screen and ensure that the memory stockpile and the working framework are intact.

Getting Your TV Ready For Packing

Assuming professionals are completing the move, you should inquire about any security plans they may provide. Frequently, these will include the replacement of items damaged during a move.

But if you plan to pack and move your items by yourself, here are some ways you can pack your TV to ensure its safety.

1. Take A Picture

TV Moving

The placement of cords and wires at the back and sides of the TV can be complicated to fix, especially if you are not a technician.

Taking a picture of the back of your TV where the chords are affixed will give you ease when setting up in your new home. You should print and keep the pictures in the TV box while leaving a backup on your phone to access the pictures quickly. 

2. Label The Cables

Because pictures can get lost or destroyed, labeling the TV cables as a backup means of identification is necessary. The simple way to label the cords is to pick different colors of painter’s tape, place them above each port, and wrap connected cables with matching tape. You can purchase Supla 10 Colors  Art Tape on Amazon.

Alternatively, you can use a single tape by writing the items connected to the TV like “Blue-ray player,” “decoder,” or any other helpful tags. This way you can fix the cables based on their matching colors.

3. Unplug The Accessories And Cords

Packing TV cords and wires for moving

Boxing your TV with the cord attached can damage the TV, attachment points, or even the cords. Before you pack your TV in a box, it will be cautious to:

  • Remove the cords attaching accessories.
  • Roll them up.
  • Hold them with a ribbon or rope.

4. Clean Your TV And Accessories

Use soft and dry materials to remove any dust or particles that must have accumulated over some years. Aside from keeping you dirt-free during the move, cleaning the TV prevents it from getting scratched by debris on the screen. It is advisable to follow the instructions in your manual when cleaning your TV.

5. Unmount Your TV

Un mount TV
Image by Taylor Mike

For a TV mounted on the wall, you need to unmount it carefully before packing. First, remove the TV from the bracket before detaching the brackets from the wall. Avoid taking the risk of removing the TV with the brackets attached to the wall. You may damage the TV, the wall, or injure yourself.

Regardless of your TV size, it is safer to have a helping hand when unmounting your it. 

If your TV is not mounted on the wall, you should detach the base before packing. Ensure you keep all the screws in a small plastic back.

Packing Your TV

6. Pack The Accessories Separately

Optimizing your packing space by packing the accessories in the same box with your TV may seem appropriate, but the accessories may damage your TV screen when they shift around in transit. It is safer to use a separate box to pack your remotes, cables, and the stand. Label the box as “TV Accessories” for ease of identification.

7. Pack TV in its Original Box

Pack TV in its Original Box
Image by Mark Hummingbird

The best way to pack a TV is in its original box. Many people keep the boxes in their homes solely for this reason. This box was specially crafted to protect the TV. Check if the first box and its packaging materials are still available before packing.

If they are available, take out the styrofoam and packing wrap and fix them just as it was when you purchased the TV. Slide it into the box, ensure there’s not much space, and seal it correctly.

8. Packing The TV in Other Boxes

tv moving box

If the first box is inaccessible, choose a solidly built box that will not allow much space around the television once it is placed inside. Bankers Box SmoothMove is a good alternative.

To efficiently protect delicate items like your Tv, you’ll need to get some high-quality packaging materials such as foam cushioning, plastic wrap, tape, bubble wrap, thick cardboard, and so on.

There are many soft materials you use to wrap your TV. If you don’t have bubble wraps, packing foam, or packing peanuts, you can use newspaper, blankets, and other soft materials you own.

Wrap the materials around the TV and hold it with a packing tape. You can add a thicker layer to protect the screen, such as cardboard. Finally, place it in the box, ensuring empty spaces are filled with cushioning materials before you seal it tightly.

9. Secure The TV in The Moving Truck

TV Movers
Image by Movers Rainshine

Keeping your TV upright is the correct position to place your TV in a moving truck. This position takes away the risk of other heavier items falling on it. To ensure your TV stays sturdy during the move, strap it using a bungee cord or keep it between two heavy items like your furniture and mattress. Ensure the screen is not facing the wall. 

10. Maintain Caution When Unpacking Your Gadget

When you finally arrive at your new home, you should be extra cautious when unpacking, just as you should be during the packing process. Above all, while off-loading your TV from the moving truck, you should keep it in good condition while carrying it to your home. When you bring it inside, keep it upright and wait for it to get to the room before you power it on. 

Carefully cut the cardboard edges, take the TV out of the boxes, and place it in the designated location. If you know anyone who could assist you during this process, we recommend that you use their help. Most Tvs are heavy and difficult to grasp, especially when they are taken out of cardboard boxes.

How To Pack TV For Moving Without A Box

Moving a TV without its box is unsettling, and the last thing you want is staring at a cracked screen when unpacking. What’s more? Most modern TVs are hard to repair once damaged.

Can’t find a box? Here’s how to pack a TV for moving:

Packing a TV for Moving without a Box

Note: We’ve added some extra tips and a moving hack.

Things you’ll need:

  1. Bubble wrap.
  2. Packing peanuts.
  3. Tape.
  4. Furniture blankets.
  5. Moving straps or Bungee cords.

Step 1: Disconnect the Wires

  1. Take a photo of the back of your TV to guide you when refixing your device.
  2. Use masking tape and a marker to label wires and cords so you’ll understand.
  3. Unplug and disconnect all the wires attached to the TV.
  4. Tape remotes and cords to their corresponding device.

Tip: Clean the TV with a microfiber cloth before packing so dirt won’t stick to the TV.

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Step 3: Pack the TV

Follow the methods and steps below to pack your TV for moving without a box:

Method 1:

  1. After prepping your TV for packing, wrap the device in bubble wrap.
  2. Use several layers of bubble wrap around the TV.
  3. Place pieces of soft clothing around the TV.
  4. Tape a flat piece of cardboard in front of the TV screen and tape a sheet of bubble wrap to the cardboard.
  5. Wrap the entire TV in clothes and furniture blankets. Secure the blankets with tape.

Method 2:

  1. Gather soft wrapping materials like bubble wrap, newspapers, furniture, moving blankets, and clothes.
  2. Pad your TV on all edges with layer after layer of these materials.
  3. Tape the padding to keep the materials in place.
  4. Cushion the TV with pillows or any sturdier piece of clothing.
  5. Measure the size of your TV screen and cut several fitting pieces of cardboard.
  6. First, tape the cardboards together, then to the edges of your TV screen.
  7. Secure the cardboard to the TV by taping it around the device. Ensure you don’t tape too tight and prevent the tape from touching the TV screen.

Note: Exercise caution when moving the TV. Avoid roads that can cause vibrations and bumps; they may cause your TV to develop internal or external cracks.

Hack for Moving a TV Without a Box

  1. Wrap your TV in a bed comforter and pillows.
  2. Place the device upright in the backseat of your car. Ensure there’s nothing else in the back seat.
  3. Hold the TV in place using bungee cords.
  4. As a replacement for bungee cords, lean the passenger seat to the back to be a few inches from the TV. This way, the TV is protected forward and backward.
  5. Drive slow! You’ve got all day.

Tips for Packing TV for Moving

  • If you’re moving your TV in your car, the safest place to put it is in the back seat.
  • Position your TV upright.
  • Don’t place furniture around the TV; it’s best to move it with clothing—if you must.

TVs offer us limitless entertainment and have become an important item in most living rooms. Ensure you keep yours in perfect condition by following the steps provided in this post. The screen is the easiest part to scratch and shatter, so keep that in mind. Good luck on moving day!

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