7 Ways to Pack Shoes for A Move

Packing shoes for a move is tricky, and a scratch or dent could make the shoe lose its appeal. Shoes are pretty sizable, sometimes dirty, and come in various shapes and sizes. If you are moving to a new house and have decided to pack your footwear on your own, you must know how to box and arrange your shoes correctly.

Learning how to pack shoes to move will help you keep them in good condition and prevent damage. Here are the ways to pack shoes for moving. 

How to Pack Shoes for Moving

 If you overlook the proper way to pack shoes for moving, you’ll have a heap of ruined shoes.

Below are seven exciting ways to guide you on how your shoes are meant to be packed for a stress-free move.

Prepare your Shoes

Prepping Shoes for Moving

After you unpack, a heap of dirty shoes is the last problem you want to face. Removing dirt from your footwear is a crucial thing you need to do before packing. After cleaning, be sure all of them are dry.

Your shoes could easily be affected by mold if moisture enters the box. Protecting the shoelaces from damage is also vital. Finally, stuff your sneakers with paper, or use cardboard or plastic inserts to keep their shape.

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Use a Shoebox

pack shoes in shoe box

You should use the original shoe boxes to pack your shoes if possible. They are shaped in a way that is a perfect fit for their contents, which will make them easy to pack. Your shoes can wear or tear apart while moving if they are not properly packed and well protected.

If you have kept the original box for your shoes, use it to your benefit and load your footwear. Close the shoebox and seal it shut with packing tape. Doing this will not only prevent them from breaking or damaging. But it will also make it easier for them to pack up and increase moving space.

If you have none of the original shoeboxes from your latest buys, you can purchase a similar package on Amazon or any local store.

Alternatively, use a stackable shoebox. These boxes are quite popular.

Pack Shoes in stackable boxes

Use Bubble Wraps or Papers to Fill in Empty Space

Bubble wrap prevents your shoes from bumping against themselves while moving. If there are gaps between your shoes in the box, fold up some bubble wrap and fill them inside.

Then shake the box to see if something moves; if your shoes remain motionless, tape the box for moving. You can also add packing paper to fill the void areas.

Meanwhile, if the shoes are too big for the box you want to use, fold in each side of the box to form flaps and close it up with enough packing tape. Cram bubble wraps in the shoes until you fill the space so they do not move inside the boxes.

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Use Teabags to Keep your Shoes Fresh

Before storing and packing your footwear, clean them properly. Remove dirt from your shoes to prevent the stain from getting to the others. It is best to leave them out overnight to eliminate any stench.

Cleaning will keep them with a smell of freshness. Teabags can be placed in them, putting a couple of unused tea bags into each shoe to absorb any unpleasant odor. By doing this, they won’t smell bad while moving and when it’s time to open the boxes.

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Pack Heavier Shoes on the Bottom

When you’re ready to pack, place the heaviest shoes at the bottom to match the weight and make it easier to carry. If you put heavy shoes on top of the fragile ones, you will damage them.

Get some large boxes, place the heavier shoes on the bottom, cover them with a protective layer, and work your way up with the lighter shoes. Separate your shoes into categories to prevent dents and make unpacking comfortable. You can buy these boxes from any supply store near you. 

Stuff Shoes with Socks and Small Items to Make Space

Before packing, properly clean the shoes. Then put small items like crumpled paper inside them. Filling them with your socks is also a great option.

You do not have to worry about your shoes losing shape because they will be protected. And will also save space in the boxes used for moving.

Use crumpled paper in place of colored papers or newspapers. The latter can leave stains on your shoes, which might be challenging to erase.

Label Your Boxes

Do not forget to label your boxes or cases. It is essential to put names on any moving boxes containing shoes that can easily be misplaced. Write what is in it so you can find shoes easily in your new home. Or use a marker to write down the type of shoes you have placed in each box.

Writing legibly and in capital letters will ease your stress of finding the box when you unpack and set up your place. Doing this will make moving out after packing easier. You will know which shoes are in which boxes and can load them up quickly. After boxing up your shoes, proper labeling will make unpacking after a move much more comfortable.

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So these are some of the best ways to box up your shoes to move, which you might try. With these ways, you won’t see moving as an ordeal anymore, and packing shoes isn’t as hard as it looks. It will need you to try, but it won’t be vain.

You can save your footwear from severe damage if you put in the effort. These simple ways will put your shoes in the best condition before and after moving. And it will help you make moving a little easier. 

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