How to Pack Mixtiles For Moving

Mixtiles are an upgrade from the traditional framed wall art. These tiles “remove the pain and hassle of hanging up your favorite photos.”

Mixtiles are tiles quite alright, but they’re custom-printed photo tiles for creating a personalized gallery wall. Mixtiles are unique adhesive tiles that can be moved, adjusted, and re-stuck without leaving unsightly holes or marks on your wall.

You don’t need expert help to fix, pack, and move mixtiles. You can have fun DIY-ing.

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What to do Before Packing Mixtiles for Moving

Before packing, you’ll have to get your mixtiles off the wall the right way. If you rush the process or do it the wrong way, you’ll end up moving wall paint with you and messing up the mixtile, a useless piece at the end of the day.

Remove a Mixtile from the Wall

Remove a Mixtile from the Wall before moving

Removing your mixtile from the wall is done from bottom to top.

Step 1:

Gently tug on the tiles from the bottom.

Step 2:

Pull the tile’s edge and lift it from the wall slightly.

Step 3:

Without much effort, pull the tile from the wall.

How do you know if you did it wrong? Mixtiles should come off your wall without leaving any residue.

Note: The process is easier because the grip of the adhesive pad gets weakened when it loses contact with the wall. 

Get Packing Materials

Just like regular tiles, mixtiles are breakable and require careful handling. After wrapping the mixtiles in a suitable material, you’ll need extra packing options.

Things you’ll need:

Parchment paper

Wax paper

Packing paper

Glossy photo paper

Cardboard box


Packing peanuts

Bubble wrap


■Permanent marker

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3 Ways to Pack a Mixtile for Moving

Mixtiles are constructed around a core that increases sticking power. This core is a 1-inch thick frame made of lightweight foam and acts as a perfect ledge. The frames also act as a cushion against impact when packing the tiles for moving.

When packing tiles for moving, you must first cover the adhesive strips with suitable packing material to preserve their stickiness.

Since Mixtiles doesn’t sell stickies separately, you’ll have to make do with these adhesion-preserving materials:

Wax Paper

Mixtile recommends packing your tiles with wax paper. Wax paper is pretty close to the original protective adhesive when you first receive the mixtiles.

You can find wax paper in Target and stores that sell household goods. Attach a sizable piece of wax paper to the adhesive pad of the tile.

Parchment Paper

Parchment paper also works as fine as wax paper when packing mixtiles up. Wrapping mixtiles in parchment paper protects them from the elements and helps the tile stay sticky for long.

Glossy Photo Paper

Cut strips of glossy photo paper to size. Add an extra inch to perfectly cover the edges.

When Packing

Whichever packing material you choose to use, separate each wrapped tile from the other with a piece of clothing wrapped and taped in place with the same material.

Ensure the adhesive pads don’t come in contact with dust, dirt, sweat, liquids, or oil.

Place the wrapped tiles in a cardboard box.

Here’s how to prepare a cardboard box for moving:

  1. Get a sturdy box and tape it up real good.
  2. Line the box’s bottom with enough crumpled paper to form a five-inch cushion.
  3. Line the insides of the box with thick clothing.

After loading the tiles in the box:

  1. Stack reasonable amounts of crumpled paper and a few pieces of clothing to the top of the box.
  2. Close the box and tape its flaps.
  3. Use a marker to note the “TOP” of the box; label the box “FRAGILE” with either a marker or sticker.

Once you’ve moved your tiles from your former place, hanging them is a piece of cake.

  1. Peel off the packing material from the adhesive mounting pads.
  2. Look for the perfect spot and choose a lovely layout for your tiles.
  3. Wipe the spot clean with a damp cloth to remove dust and other particles.
  4. Apply gentle pressure on the chosen spot, and your tiles will stick just fine.

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Tips for Pack Mixtiles for Moving

Here are tips to keep your mixtiles sticky:

  1. Never use regular tape on the adhesive strips; it ruins the sticky.
  2. Lift the tiles from bottom to top to remove your tiles from the wall, 
  3. When packing, place wax paper between each tile. Don’t just stack one on the other.
  4. Don’t clean your tiles with water or cleaning products. Instead, wipe them with a soft, dry cloth.
  5. Please don’t stick your tiles to fabric, like a cubicle wall, or wrap them in clothing. Threads can get stuck on the adhesives, and the tiles won’t re-stick

Go Mixtiles!

Mixtiles have increased in demand because of their aesthetic value and nature. You can reuse them as many times and set them up in another place within minutes.

While there’s no guarantee of how long the adhesive pads last, the company claims that you can hang them “at least two dozen times if used correctly.”

If you have trouble after moving, contact their customer service team or reach out to Mixtiles via email, they’re “always happy to get you replacements!”

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