How Pack Mirrors For Moving

Unlike the other items in your home, packing the mirror is more nerve-racking than tedious. Aside from being heavy, large, and extremely fragile, some mirrors have sentimental and artistic value. Luckily, learning how to pack them efficiently is not as difficult as it seems.

Packing Mirrors For Moving

There are proven simple steps to protect your mirror when moving to a new home. We’ll go through them one step at a time.

Gather Necessary Packing Supplies

Getting enough packing material will prevent you from using sub-standard packing materials that may damage your mirror. Having the suitable mirror packing material is often the difference between finding your mirror intact or in shambles.

  • To pack a mirror safely, you will need:
  • A permanent marker
  • A roll of packing tape
  • Plenty of bubble wrap
  • A few moving blankets
  • Thick brown packing paper
  • A mirror box (see the next step)
  • A large piece of thick cardboard
  • A roll of painter’s tape (masking tape)

Choose the Correct Box

box for moving mirrors

Mirror boxes are the best option for packing your mirror for moving. These boxes are uniquely crafted for mirrors and framed pictures and paintings. Designed from single-walled corrugate, mirror boxes provide maximum protection for your mirrors.

These packing boxes are made of four separate pieces of cardboard that interlock to form adjustable outer protection. They allow you to fit various sizes of mirrors tightly. You can purchase these boxes from Aviditi Stores on Amazon.

If you can’t find a mirror box, you can make one by dismantling a few large moving boxes and assembling the cardboard to fit around your mirror.

Create a Safe Area for Packing

Before you begin to wrap and pack your mirror, it’s essential to designate a suitable parking area. Consider packing in a room if you have small children and are concerned about the mirror being knocked off the table.

Most moving experts recommend using the kitchen or dining table because packing is easier on a raised surface. Lay blankets on the tables to serve as a cushion when packing. 

The safe area you created can be used to pack other fragile items such as glassware, bowls, and picture frames.

Tape an” X” on the Mirror

How Pack Mirrors For Moving

While planning to move your mirror in one piece, it’s wise to prepare for the worst-case scenario. Taping an X on the mirror will hold broken pieces and cracks together if the mirror shatters in transit. Painters tape is perfect for this task as it is easy to remove. 

Alternatively, you can create a grid on the mirror surface without touching the frames to expand the protection. However, if you follow these tips correctly, there’s a high chance of your mirror reaching your new home intact. 

Wrap the Mirror

wrap mirror for moving

To wrap your mirror properly, disassemble large boxes you no longer need and cut out the size that matches the mirror’s length. Place the cutout cardboard sheet on the mirror’s surface, secure it with tape, and do the same for the back of the mirror.

Next, place the mirror in the center of the brown packing paper and wrap it, ensuring all the sides are well covered. Finally, wrap the whole item in bubble wraps for extra protection.

Important Tip: Don’t worry about how it looks as long as it is well wrapped and packed tightly.

Place the Mirror in the Box

After wrapping your mirror as desired, make a bed of cushioning on the lower part of your mirror box with folded packing paper.

Slide the wrapped mirror into the case with care, filling any empty spaces with more folded packing paper. Make sure there is no space in the container, as this will cause the mirror to shift and possibly break during transit. 

Important Tip: Don’t stack two mirrors in one box.

Tape the Box When You’re Done 

Lift the box and gently shake it to see if anything moves around. If this happens, open the box and add a lot of cushioning until the mirror is completely immobile.

After packing and checking the box, seal it shut with as many strips of packing tape as possible. 

Finally, label the box “FRAGILE” with an indelible marker or use labeling stickers from Labelebal Stores on Amazon.

Stand Mirror Upright in the Moving Truck

Make sure your mirror is facing up when cramming it into a moving truck. To avoid breakage, never lay your mirror flat, and avoid placing it close to large numbers of things that damage easily. The most effective method is to sandwich it between two heavy, sturdy objects that will not move during transport.

Prepare for Unpacking

It’s easy to become so focused on getting everything into boxes that you overlook how to get everything out of boxes eventually. Make a mental note of how you wrapped your mirror in the box. You can write “FRONT” and “BACK” on your boxes to identify the position of the mirror when unpacking. 

When you reach your new home, let the mirror be among the first things you will offload. Keep them in an upright position in a room that is not easily accessible.

Things to keep in mind.

Avoid carrying large mirrors alone even if you can to reduce the risk of damage. 

Protect the corners of the mirror frame with extra bubble wraps or corner protectors.

Don’t stack any other item on your mirror.

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