How to Pack Makeup for Moving 

Moving any of your belongings is generally stressful, but when it comes to makeup you have to be extra careful. You might be tempted to just throw everything into the bag and go. Since makeup consists of pressed powders, glass bottles, and other liquids, doing that can easily damage makeup kits. 

Learning the right way to pack and transport your makeup will make the whole process efficient and ensure safety.

How Can I Easily Pack My Makeup For Moving?

Pack Makeup
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Packing your makeup requires careful attention to detail. If you’re moving other items in your bedroom, you might want to see our 6 Ways to Pack Hangers for Moving and 7 Ways To Pack Pillows For Moving. Meanwhile, here are a few important tips to ensure your makeup is well protected: 

Clean Out Your Makeup Drawer 

First thing first, go through your drawer and get rid of any dried-out, expired, as well as products without labels. Most products will have an expiration date printed on the side or bottom of the container, but if not, you can also make an assessment. 

Proceed to trash the unnecessary kits, especially if you know you won’t use them again, so you can reduce the number of goods you will be bringing with you.

Protect Pressed Powders, Eyeshadows, & Blushes

Nothing is worse than a broken eyeshadow palette, powders, and blushes. You can place cushion materials or a cotton pad between the products and the lid; it helps to keep everything in place and well protected. 

Placing them directly in the box can easily damage them in transit.

Separate All Flammable And Alcohol-Based Products 

On a moving truck, alcohol-based and flammable products like nail polishes are not allowed on the truck for safety purposes. You can take them with you in your automobile or give them to a friend. If each container weighs less than 3.4 ounces and fits in a quart-size transparent plastic zip-top bag, you can fly with those items.

Separate Liquids 

It is essential to seal and secure your liquid product so they don’t spill and ruin your other items. To prevent spills, place plastic wrap over the opening and replace the lids. Doing this makes the lid seal tighter to prevent any form of leaks, for more protection place liquids into a zip-top bag and wrap them in packing paper or bubble wrap.

Set Aside The Products You Need

Set aside the products you will need daily, and store them in a different makeup bag. The last thing you want is to keep going back to retrieve the products you need after packing the majority of your makeup items. 

The easiest way to do this mentally go over your daily face wash, hair, shower, and makeup routine and create a list of everything you use, and pack the rest in a different bag.

Use Safe Materials For Packing. 

Makeup products are fragile and prone to breakage. Use bubble wrap to line the smaller boxes, drawers, or cases to ensure that your products are safe in case of impact. Consider wrapping each fragile glass bottle, you can use newspaper, packing paper, or any other cushioning materials you can easily access. 

Pack Your Makeup

After wrapping each item properly, get a smaller box to store up items that are not expired and the ones you still want to keep. You can utilize old shopping boxes or old jewelry cases to pack everything, and ensure the boxes are free of dirt to avoid mixing dirt with your makeup label.

You can get a MONSITNA Extra Large Makeup Case from Amazon to pack your makeup kits in separate compartments.

Cross Check 

Once you are done packing, you need to cross-check the items before you seal the boxes. Go through the bags you have packed and go over your checklist to ensure that everything is in order. 

It is also advisable to shake the box gently to ensure the items are not moving in the box. If you notice any movement, add more cushioning until the items are immobile in the box before taping the box.

Label the Boxes Properly

This is a very critical part of packing your makeup. After sealing the box correctly, Indicating “FRAGILE” and which side is up using arrows will enable anyone handling your box to apply caution. You can either use a marker to write it or purchase moving stickers from Printholic Stores on Amazon. 

How To Clean Your Makeup Before Packing

If you will want to make everything fresh in your new home, cleaning your makeup kits properly is a step you shouldn’t skip. Here are a few  tips on how to properly clean your products before packing:

Wash Your Brushes

makeup Brushes

Brushes are rather simple to clean. All you will need to easily clean them is just some soap and lukewarm water. Wet the brush’s hair off each makeup brush and wash it with soap, similar to how you’d wash your own hair. If necessary, rinse and repeat. Allow at least a day for your brushes to dry before packing.

Wash Your Blending Sponge

Sponges are a little more difficult to clean than brushes since they absorb water. While the procedure for cleaning sponges is quite similar, it will take longer. However, if it appears that cleaning the sponge correctly is nearly difficult, it may be time to toss it out and replace it with a new one.

Clean Anything That Leaked

Finally, clean all of your boxes and bottles thoroughly with a wet wipe to remove any powders or liquid that may have leaked out. Be extra careful with liquid foundation because of its sticky nature, which could ruin your clothes or valuables. As a result, keep it separate from all other valuables and store it in a bottle or bag for extra protection.

If you’re moving your makeup kits across the country, you can learn how to ship the package without stress from our article on How to Ship a Package from Home. Are you worried about the cost of shipping? Check our guide on the Cost of Shipping a Package.

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