4 Ways to Pack Lamps For Moving

Lamps are usually not the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of difficult things to pack when moving. As simple as a lamp may be, it is an essential item of the home, and it may come with difficulty when packing. This is because it is fragile, comes in numerous parts, and has odd shapes.

We have helped to put together some ways to pack lamps for moving.

How to Pack Lamps for Moving

How to Pack Lamps for Moving

We’ve compiled four straightforward ways to help relocate your lamps and brighten your new environment.

  1. Pack the Lamp in a Cardboard Box

Another way to pack a lamp for a move is by choosing the right box size. Select a big box that can take in the lamps and other necessary materials. Secure the lower flaps of the box with extra tape, then pad the box’s bottom with towels and crumpled paper.

Many lamps can be packed together in the same box, starting from the smallest, and then you place a wrapping paper on it before the next one. After that, cover the box and label it. Note that nothing should be placed on the box to avoid breaking the lamps due to their fragile nature.

You can also pack lamps by measuring the lamps first before buying wrapping plastics and moving boxes. It is important to get the right and proper size to safely contain the lamps. The box size should not be oversized or undersized. It should fit in properly except when you want to pack several lamps in one box; then, you can get a larger box.

When the wrapping papers and packing box is ready, gently pack the lamps into each box properly. You should tag and number your lamp boxes using the same number on each piece’s box to avoid searching around and attempting to match up the lamp pieces when it is time for unpacking.

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  1. Disassemble the Parts
Dissemble Lamps for Moving

The first thing to do is to disassemble the lamp carefully. It is necessary and best to wrap each piece of the lamp separately. First, disconnect your lamps if they’re connected to a socket. After that, coil the lamp’s cord and secure it with a rubber band or tape.

The next thing is to unscrew the bulbs and keep them in a safe place. After unscrewing the bulbs, remove the lampshades. If you wish, you can protect the coiled cord to the lamp’s base. It is not necessary, though.

After disassembling, pack the bulb first because if left open for a long time, there is a high rate that it can get broken. It would be best to wrap the bulbs in plastic wrap, and you should do this carefully. Close the fillings with tape to keep them from being separated when you pack the bulbs in a box.

Keep the bulb in a single box with enough padding. It would be best to fill up all space in the box so the bulbs do not move. It is important to label all boxes containing bulbs as fragile; this is important for safe and careful carrying.

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  1. Pack the Lampshade and the Base

After packing the bulb, wrap each lampshade in packing paper. Use plain wrapping paper and not newsprint to avoid staining the delicate screen material of the lampshade. Use the proper-sized box to pack each lampshade.

When packing a lampshade, note the following things:

  1. Wash and dry your hands first so you won’t stain the lampshade; they are prone to dirt and difficult to clean.
  2. Handle lampshades with care because they are delicate.
  3. Don’t grip the sides of the lampshade.

The last thing to pack is the base. Cover glass bases with sheets of packing paper and bubble wrap. Secure the piece with enough tape and extra padding. Cover floor lamp bases made with fragile materials in plastic wrap or any strong material; they don’t need much wrapping.

Ensure nothing rests on the top of the lamp, especially the points where the bulb is screwed and the lampshade is fixed, to avoid the metals bending out of shape.

  1. Packing a Lamp Without Disassembling

Packing a lamp for a move can also be done by covering the glass parts well first, and no part of it should be left open. It would be best to use paper tape for sealing and ensure easy removal when it is time to unpack the lamp.

After that, fill the internal compartment of the lampshade with crumpled wrapping paper to hold the lampshade from breaking.

Enclose the lamp in thick clothing like a towel, coat, or shirt wrap for extra protection. Wrap small lamps in packing paper and place them inside a pillowcase. Purchase a corrugated box and stuff the bottom with crumpled paper to stop the lamp from moving inside the box.

You can also decide to put the box inside another bigger box and fill the empty spaces with papers or rags to ensure adequate protection of the lamp. It would be best if you did not leave anything to probability. Everything should be properly and carefully packed for safety and don’t forget to label each box and write fragile on it.

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After successfully transporting lamps to the new location, we suggest you unpack them from the box. Lamps should be one of the first things to be unpacked because some lamps, when packed for a long time, can start twisting.

If you need help packing and moving other household items, our packing tips will go a long way to help with easy relocation.

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