How to Pack Jewelry For Moving

Hey, careful! Don’t just pack up your jewelry and stuff them in a box. You’ll only end up with a ruined collection and many intertwined items.

Whether your shiny cost $5 or they’re worth thousands of dollars, we can help you pack them in creative ways. Have fun while you DIY.

General Procedure for Packing Jewelry for Moving

This article is full of procedures and tips to move your prized possessions in one piece.

Take Inventory of your Jewelry

packed jewellery for moving

Like you would pack clothes for moving, the first step to packing jewelry is taking stock of which items you’re moving. Take inventory of how much jewelry you own so no item gets left out. Having a list of your jewelry also helps you know which packing materials you’ll need to purchase.

After making a list, please take pictures of your jewelry and list, then save it to your Google Drive or Dropbox. It helps to be sure you’ve moved every item.

If you’re hiring a moving company, prepare a spreadsheet for insurance’s sake. Your spreadsheet should contain the jewelry’s value, description, and other vital details needed to make a claim. You can add an appraisal if you want.

Sort Jewelry into Categories

Further in this post, we’ll discuss how to pack different types of jewelry. Packing is easier if you sort your items in categories, sizes, and types. Since sorting helps to know which packing materials you need and how much of each material you should get.

Purchase Packing Supplies

After taking inventory and sorting into categories, it’s time to get packing essentials.

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10 Ways to Pack Jewelry for Moving

After sorting, the next step is securing your belongings with suitable packing materials

Here are the different methods of packing jewelry for moving:

Pack Jewelry with Straw

Pack Jewelry with Straw

Straws are the perfect packing materials for necklaces, chains, bracelets, and anklets. Straws keep your necklaces from becoming a tangled clump.

Pass one end of the necklace (for example) through the straw to the other end and clip it at the other side. Cut the straw to size for shorter jewelry like anklets. 

Tip: Use one straw for each item to prevent tangling.

Pack Jewelry with Buttons

Buttons are perhaps the cheapest material on this list, and they’re also easy to find. The best way to pack your earrings is through a button.

Stick the earring post through a buttonhole and clasp it on the other side.

Pack Jewelry with Toilet Paper Roll

Empty toilet paper rolls can also pack necklaces, chains, bracelets, and anklets. But they’re mainly for items too big to pass through a straw.

You can also use it for longer jewelry by wrapping the piece around the roll 2-3 times and clasping it in place.

Pack Jewelry with Business Cards or Cardboard Pieces

Business cards are a one-size-fits-all packing material. They’re eco-friendly and one of the most accessible packing materials.

You can pack various types of jewelry for moving using a business card:

Chains: Cut holes through the center of the card, then pass the chain through the hole and clip it in place.

Earrings: Make a pin-sized hole in the card for each earring. You can attach several pieces to one card, but make sure you place similar pieces side by side.

Pack Jewelry in Shoe Box

use a shoe box to pack jewelry

Got old shoe boxes? You can pack your jewelry for moving in your shoe boxes. If you have more than one shoe box, you might want to pack different jewelry in a different shoe box. Be sure to label them!

Jewelry Using Egg Cartons

Since egg cartons don’t have a specific reuse option, most of them are stacked in the trash.

You can pack jewelry in egg cartons without any issues when unpacking. Bore two holes in the top of each [egg] space and clasp the chain through the holes. Leave the necklace in the crate. You can pack several pieces in egg crates.

After packing, wrap the crate in several sheets of packing paper or bubble wrap and secure them with scotch tape.

How to Pack Jewelry Using Plastic Kitchen Wrap

To wrap jewelry, arrange the piece in a container, then pack the container in resealable kitchen wrap. The wrap secures the contents during transit and when unpacking, unwrap the container.

How to Pack Jewelry Using Ziploc (Sandwich) Bags

Sandwich bags are another unusual packing material. After sorting your jewelry, place your wrapped piece in a sandwich bag to maintain the shape.

Use a different bag for every size or type of jewelry. Rings and smaller items go in smaller boxes, bulky jewelry into bigger, sturdier bags.

Place all the bags in a bigger sandwich bag, a cardboard box, or a jewelry box. You want to keep your jewelry in one spot on a moving day; a misplaced bag hurts more than a tangled mass of jewelry.

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How to Pack Jewelry Using Kraft Recycled Gift Boxes

If you want a more environmentally-friendly packing option, you can wrap your jewelry in kraft recycled gift boxes. These natural-colored materials are 100% biodegradable and recyclable with no harmful effects on our environment.

Although these gift boxes are for packaging jewelry for shipping, they can come in handy. You can also consider them when packing plants for moving.

How to Pack Jewelry Using Jewelry Box

pack jewelry in jewelry box

Jewelry boxes are a more comfortable packing option because they usually come with handles and are easy to carry your jewelry around.

After packing your jewelry, and readying them in various packing materials, place the items in a jewelry box so the bumps and vibrations from transit won’t mix your items.

Tip: If you don’t have a jewelry box, you can make do with a cardboard box.

Keep Expensive Jewelry with You

There’s a big chance that movers won’t know the value of your belongings. Since jewelry doesn’t weigh much, you can keep them with you on moving day and wear the costliest of the lot.

Tip: Use markers to label boxes or bags as “TOP” and “FRAGILE.”

How to Pack Different Types of Jewelry

Secure packaging ensures your jewelry gets to its destination safely. Each jewelry item has an appropriate packing method. Some, however, may require extra packing than others. Please refer to the packing methods above.

Here, pack five different jewelry types within minutes:


Untangling a couple of necklaces is a chore if you pack necklaces the wrong way. It’s easy to spend all day separating the pieces. Trust me. It’s as easy as explaining rocket science to a 12-year-old.

Instead, string necklaces through a straw, wrap them around empty paper rolls, pin them to business cards or cardboard pieces, place them in empty egg crates, bag them in sandwich bags, or pack them in boxes.


Take it or leave it, buttons were made for packing earrings. It’s no coincidence that earrings go in a pair of holes that buttons happen to have.

You can also fasten earrings to business cards, cardboard pieces, or empty egg cartons.

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Pack Bracelets in Ziploc Bags

Bracelets don’t usually tangle but can break and scratch when dumped with other jewelry.

Get an empty toilet paper roll, wrap your bracelet around them, and then clasp it. Each roll can take 10-15 bracelets, depending on their size.

Ziploc bags can also help move your jewelry. Gather your bracelets, wrap them in packing paper, then pack them in sandwich bags.

Put Rings in a Sunglass Case

Rings don’t get tangled, but they can wheel away from sight into dark crevices and corners. From experience, they can get misplaced and stay lost for months, even years.

Rings with sentimental value, like your wedding band, are irreplaceable. Losing them will hurt a great deal, so pack rings in any of the following: Glass cases, egg cartons, jewelry boxes, and Ziploc bags.

Studs or Cufflinks

Studs and cufflinks are also easily misplaced; worse still, one missing part equals a useless piece. Safeguard your studs and cufflinks in a glass or pill case or empty egg cartons.

We hope you followed the instructions and packing tips to the latter. Whichever method you are stuck with, let us know in the comments section.

Please, leave your questions, thoughts, and experiences in moving house. We appreciate it!

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