6 Ways to Pack Hangers for Moving

Having a large number of extra hangers gives us the ease of hanging any piece of clothing anytime necessary.

But packing them becomes a huge problem when moving houses as they tangle and take up too much space. What’s more? If you prefer to fold your clothing for your move, you end up with more hangers to pack.

Packing Hangers for Moving

However, there are ways you can pack them to avoid wasting space and damaging your hangers. Here are some helpful tips:

Categorize Your Hangers

Sort Hangers for moving
Image by Erin Husack

Before you start categorizing your hangers, it’s helpful to sort your hangers. You may not need a lot of them anymore. First, pick out your fancy hangers and others still in good shape and throw away the hangers showing any wear or tear. Doing this will reduce the number of hangers you need to pack and give you more space.

Now that you know what you have left, you can group them by material and size to ease your packing.

Method 1: Move Hangers With Wardrobe Boxes

Hanger moving wardrobe boxes
Image by Marieanne Hunt-Ouimet

Wardrobe boxes are specially made for packing clothes with hangers. It’s a medium-sized box with a stainless steel bar for hooking hangers. You have to leave clothes on the hangers and place them inside the unique boxes.

This packing method is perhaps the safest way to move hangers. You don’t have to bother about buying a lot of packaging materials and wrapping the hangers. But the two downsides of these boxes are that they are costly and require more storage space. Uboxes offers some of the best Wardrobe Boxes on Amazon.

Important Tips:

  • Ensure you have clothes on the hangers to enable you to manage space
  • Avoid putting heavy items at the bottom of the wardrobe box to prevent the box from breaking due to too much weight.
  • Use the space at the bottom for lightweight items such as pillows, blankets, and stuffed toys.
  • Cover the outer part of the stainless steel with packing tape to prevent injuries when carrying them.

Method 2: Move Hangers With Regular Boxes

moving hangers
Image by Sindi Skiti

To pack and wrap your hangers efficiently, you need to follow these steps:

  • Group hangers of the same material and size together in a uniform direction. Make sure they don’t exceed 12 or go less than 6.
  • Tie the rubber band from the ‘necks” of the hangers, take it down, circling their bottom bars, bring it up again to the necks of the hangers and tie the rubber band firmly.
  • If you don’t have enough rubber, you can use either candle ties, stretch wraps, zip ties, or twist ties to hold up the hangers. Avoid regular tape as it can ruin the surface of your hangers.
  • When you’re done wrapping your hangers, cover them with old sheets for extra protection. An old blanket is another alternative, but it takes up more space.
  • Place the well-wrapped bundles inside boxes and cushion empty spaces with old blankets and sheets.

Method 3: Moving Hangers in Suitcases

Suitcases are an excellent option for packing your hangers if you know the correct way to do so. Here are the steps:

  • Stack the hangers in small groups of six to eight according to their style and sizes.
  • Place each bundle in a suitcase with their bottom bars against the sides of their suitcases with the hooks in the middle. Ensure the top of the bundles is hooked together in the middle.
  • Cushion the boxes with towels and old sheets to protect other items in the suitcase.

Method 4: Moving Hangers With Garbage Bags

Moving hangers with garbage Bags
Image by Priyanka John

Another creative way to pack your hangers is with your garbage bag, and this method saves you a lot of time. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Pick a neat garbage bag, and make a small round hole in its bottom.
  • Gather ten to twelve pieces of hangers with clothes hanging on them and wear the garbage bag over the clothes, covering them completely.
  • Tie the tops together, and you’re good to go.
  • Depending on the number of hangers and clothes you have to pack, you can repeat this step.

Method 5: Moving Hangers With Sheets

In order to pack hangers with sheets, you should leave the clothes on the hangers. Wrapping then like you do with garbage bags will work, but there’s you’ll get a better result with a slightly different approach:

  • Spread the sheets you want to use across the bed
  • Tie hooks of a group of hangers together lay them the in the middle of the sheets
  • Fold the sides of the sheets, tie the ends into a knot, and hold it with a plastic wrap.

You are now good to go with your hangers safeguarded in the soft sheet.

Method 6: Moving Hangers With Large Furniture

Layering hangers in large furniture that you don’t have to dismantle is a great way to move hangers no matter the distance. Large furniture can include dressers or TV stands with large storage spaces. With this method, you’ll save a lot of the air space that hangers take up with other packing methods. To do this:

  • Wrap a bundle of hangers with bubble wraps
  • Lay each bundle of hangers flat with the long part of the hanger along the top and bottom of the drawer.
  • Fill the empty spaces with softer materials like socks, towels, bedsheets, etc., until there’s an even layer.
  • Fold a soft blanket and layer it on top of the hangers; the cupboard must be able to close so be sure to use a small, soft blanket.
  • Close the drawer and secure it using a child-proof strap lock (pictured below)
pack hangers for move

Optional: Move Without The Hangers

This might not be a way of packing, but it will certainly save you the time, effort, and space it takes to pack hangers.

Considering that you can easily remove your clothes from their hangers and arrange and pack them in suitcases and boxes, it is valuable to find out if it’s worth it before you begin to pack your hangers for a move.

Apart from that, most basic wooden and plastic hangers are very affordable. Unless your hangers are highly valuable or you have a special reason for keeping them, discarding them before moving might save you a whole lot of trouble.

Things To Avoid

You will get several tips and advice from friends and the internet when packing for a move. Regardless of the sources, avoid these mistakes when packing hangers:

  • Do not leave hangers in the clothing wardrobe when packing. It doesn’t matter how the wardrobe is transported; hangers move freely when in motion. They may scratch or damage the sides of your wardrobe.

  • Avoid dumping your hangers individually in the moving box. Doing this would make them take up more space than necessary. Besides, Hangers seem to tangle in each other easily and could get broken or bent while transporting them.

There are several ways you can pack your hangers for a move. Regardless of the method you choose to work with, ensure you follow the steps diligently to prevent damage to your items or the truck. 

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