How Much Does it Cost To Ship a Motorcycle?

Whether you’re shipping your motorcycle to another state for a move, wanting a motorcycle for a rally, or have just purchased a new bike and need it delivered, the cost of shipping a motorcycle may not be quite as high as you think.

Do you want to know how much it will cost to ship a motorcycle? Here’s an in-depth look at the average cost of shipping a motorcycle, as well as the elements that influence the price and hidden expenses to be aware of.

What is the Cost of Shipping a Motorcycle to Another State?

The most convenient way to find out the cost of shipping a motorcycle within the United States is to use an online motorcycle shipping calculator.

To give you an idea of how much it costs to transport a motorcycle over 1,000 miles, the average cost ranges from $350 to $700. The cost of short-distance travel varies from $180 to $300. For trips of roughly 1,000 miles, the average cost per mile is about $0.50. 

However, there are some things to consider when calculating the entire cost of your motorcycle transport:

Size And Weight Of The Motorcycle 

Normal prices are about $0.50 per pound, but there are some that charge less. Because some transportation companies calculate the insurance costs by weight, the weight and size of your shipment can have a significant impact on the cost of shipping.

Generally speaking, lighter, easier-to-handle motorcycles are less expensive than the bulkier Harley Davidsons. This means that if you’re shipping a large motorcycle, you should be ready to pay an additional fee.

Remember that shipping large bikes necessitates the use of oversized crates, tie-downs, and other specialized packing equipment to ensure their safety.

Transport Distance 

Some comprehensive shipping businesses offer low-cost options to their customers if their pickup location is within a particular distance. This implies that the shorter the distance, the less expensive it is, and vice versa.

Another important issue is the closeness of the pickup and drop-off locations to major highways. Additional charges may apply when traveling to remote or difficult-to-reach locations.

Keep in mind that rates can change depending on the transportation company, so make sure to ask ahead of time.

In general, shipping a motorcycle inside a metropolis is less expensive than shipping it to a remote or rural location, particularly for door-to-door delivery.

Open vs. Enclosed Transport

These are the two options for shipping your motorcycle. Both open and enclosed containers are available. For open shipping, our motorcycle might be placed in the cargo with a few cars, and it will be exposed to the elements for the duration of the journey. Our article on How to Ship Cars will give you a clear picture of how cars are shipped.

Enclosed carrier, on the other hand, means that your shipment will be kept protected from the weather within the truck or in its own container. Enclosed transportation, of course, is much more expensive than open transportation. Consider this carefully before deciding which strategy to employ.

In general, open motorcycle transportation works for eight out of ten consumers. Enclosed motorcycle shipment is, however, highly recommended in particular situations.

If you want to move a magnificent MTT Turbine Streetfighter or a classic Vyrus 987 C3 4V, for example, using an enclosed carrier is necessary if you want to maintain their condition.

Season or Time of Year 

Even though it plays only a small role, seasonal demand might impact the cost of motorbike shipment. During the winter, for instance, a consumer might want enclosed shipping for their motorcycle.

We all know how bad the weather can be during this time of year, so getting enclosed transportation is a no-brainer. However, this would be very expensive, costing roughly $150 more than an open transport sent in the spring.

Typically, the price that these motorcycle shipping companies provide their customers already includes all of the key information about the full motorcycle shipping process. It often covers loading, unloading, transit, and insurance, as well as any applicable taxes.

If you want to learn more about how all these factors influence the cost of shipping, our article on the Cost of Shipping a Package is your perfect guide.

How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Motorcycle Across Borders?

motorcycle shipping

What if you’re planning a journey that involves more than just traveling from state to state? You wish to ship your motorcycle to your new country of residence. You’re guessing it’ll be more expensive, but how much more exactly?

According to, shipping a motorcycle internationally costs between $1,000 and $2,000.

Don’t only think about the price. As we mentioned in the introduction, you must consider a variety of expenses in addition to the delivery prices. Here are two important factors that affect the cost of shipping internationally:

Fees for International Shipping

You can’t just go to another nation without a passport, so you’ll need to have your motorcycle approved before you arrive. County permit costs and port entrance fees can add to the shipping cost. However, these fees are occasionally included in the overall cost of shipping.


Because your motorbike may not always be transported to another country by plane, it will take a longer time to arrive. Your shipper will undoubtedly encounter a variety of highway and other roadway tolls as they travel across country lines. This could add $200 to $300 to your total charges, but the price is negotiable.

How Does Motorcycle Shipping Work?

Now that you know how the average cost and factors that affect the cost of shipping a motorcycle, it is necessary to understand how the shipping process works. Do you need corrugated cardboard like other shipments?

There are many ways to ship your bike, and none of them requires the use of a cardboard box. You can choose a container, a pallet crate, or roll-on/roll-off shipping. Let’s take a closer look at these shipping options.


When it comes to container shipping, your motorbike is carried along with others in a large container. These containers usually feature a metal shell, making them sturdy enough to transport your bike safely.

Because this is a quay shipping option, you won’t get much distance from point A to point B. Your motorbike can only travel from one port to the next. Then you’d have to adjust your route accordingly.

Shipping Pallets

Pallet shipping is also available. The carrier will provide you with a pallet for your motorcycle as part of this customized service. They use tie-down hooks to secure the motorcycle and enclose it in the pallet. The motorcycle is then transported to the liftgate using a pallet jack.

Crate Delivery

Crate shipment is another option. Your motorcycle will be loaded into a wooden crate this time. Your bike is then moved by a forklift or construction truck, just like other large crates. It will go to a shipper’s liftgate and, in some cases, a dock. The crate is then picked up and delivered to its final destination.

Shipping via Roll-On/Roll-Off

Finally, roll-on/roll-off shipping is available. Although this method is the last on our list, it is a popular way of shipping motorcycles.

A ramp or lift-gate is used to transport your motorcycle to a trailer. The motorcycle is then secured on the trailer using tie-down straps. The trailer then comes to your location or carries your motorcycle half the way, where it is picked up and transported to your front door.

Is it possible to transport a motorcycle by plane?

The shipping options mentioned above may suffice for shipping a variety of motorcycles, but if you need to ship your motorbike faster, flying it on a plane will be a very good option.

Even though it is the most expensive method of shipping, there are some advantages that come with it. These include:

  • You may use tracking services to know where your motorcycle is in the air. This allows you to plan its arrival and also see any issues (if any) as they arise in real-time.
  • Because you don’t get to do quite as much planning and packing as you do with the other shipping methods, shipping by plane saves you time and effort.
  • Most air freight companies are prepared to lower insurance charges, making transportation a little more cost-effective for you.
  • Airline security gives you the assurance that your motorbike will be adequately cared for.
  • When traveling by airline, you may have a decreased risk of your motorbikes getting stolen or damaged when compared to other shippers.
  • Airplane delivery is faster, so you won’t be apart from your motorcycle for a long time.

How Long Does it Take to Ship a Motorcycle?

Motorcycle shipping crate
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Depending on the drop-off location, the typical delivery time ranges from two weeks to a month. The possible pick-up period for most carriers is 2–7 working days after the client places an order.

After the motorcycle is picked up, the actual delivery takes 1 to 6 calendar days. The initial pick-up date for express motorcycle delivery, on the other hand, is normally accessible within 24–72 hours.

Important Motorcycle Shipping Tips:

  • Know what “door-to-door” transportation entails.
  • Make sure your motorcycle is clean and ready to ship by cleaning it thoroughly. Take note of any marks, scratches, dents, or defects that may already be present. It’s a good idea to take a picture of your motorcycle so you’ll have proof if something goes wrong during shipping. Your insurance claims will be simpler as a result of this.
  • Remove any personal items or valuables and turn off any alarms before shipping to avoid any issues.
  • Check to determine if the tires are properly inflated.
  • Set the motorcycle’s gears to neutral. This will help you avoid any mishaps.
  • If you’re shipping with crates, don’t forget to empty the fuel tank and remove the battery beforehand. Remember that crates are made of wood, which is extremely flammable. Even a minor gas leak would result in a catastrophic event.
  • Prepare everything you’ll need at the drop-off location, such as payment, etc. When the motorcycle reaches its location, make sure to inspect it thoroughly for any damage. Take a look at the photos you took before the shipment. Coordinate with your transportation service provider in the event of a disagreement or claim, and follow their directions on how to file a complaint. Insurance claims are usually examined and settled within a few weeks.

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