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Comments from Amanda Skoog, General Manager

They have also provided support and discounted relocation services to RNZB staff.

I know of no other sponsor that has involved itself so fully with the Company. The most extraordinary part of this story is that the relationship has been in place for 24 years. Errol’s commitment never falters – he is there because of the Ballet Company. Errol attends and enjoys the performances and we were deeply moved when he travelled to China to see us perform there.

Thank you Jumbo Movers. We wouldn’t be the Company we are today without you.”

Specialised Services

Jumbo Moving And Storage has managed the safe transportation of art exhibitions to and from galleries and museums around Boston.  During this time we have also been the official carriers and proud sponsors for our prestigious Arts partners…

These services demand the highest degree of care, professional expertise and utmost reliability.

If these celebrated organisations trust us, so can you. After all, we've never missed a performance yet!