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Packing and Moving Tips

If you are packing your own possessions, here are some simple tips to reduce the risk of damage.
Whether you are packing some or all of the contents of your home, these points will help.

Discard unwanted items

Get rid of any unwanted items e.g. clothes, kitchenware, toys etc before you start packing to avoid confusion.

Pack Carefully

When packing cartons try and keep like items together - books with magazines, kitchenware with ornaments etc;
Always pack lighter items such as bedding in large cartons and heavier items like books or tools into smaller cartons. Never overload the cartons;
Dismantle beds and place legs and screws (along with any electronic remotes and cables) into a separate carton;
Small pot plants should be packed into an open top carton for the Removalist to see.

Labelling Cartons

Label the carton for the room it is to be placed into at your new residence e.g. kitchen, main bedroom, office etc;
Label the carton with a brief description of its contents;
If the carton contains glassware or any breakable items, label it "FRAGILE" 

Cartons and Packing Materials

Use good strong cartons, preferably double layered;
Use clean white paper (butchers wrap) not newspaper which will leave ink stains on the contents; Seal the cartons with packing tape.

Packing of Cartons

Scrunch up paper and place into the carton so that the bottom is layered. This provides a "cushion" for the packed items to sit on; Wrap all glasses or ornaments individually in several layers of paper; Place glasses upright in the carton, not on their sides to avoid breakage; Long stemmed glasses need to be reinforced by putting scrunched up paper around the stem and then wrapping the glass in paper; Never stack glasses inside each other; Plates and dishes can be wrapped together with layers of paper between them, then placed on their sides in the carton; Always finish the carton with scrunched up paper on top so there is a cushion for protection; If there is room for more than one layer in a carton be sure to put a layer of scrunched up paper between each layer of items to be packed.

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