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FIDI in Safe Pair of Hands with Head of Jumbo Movers

They say moving house is the third most stressful event in life, and that was certainly the case for me. At least until I started working for a good moving company. Before that I, like anyone else, had to deal with damaged family heirlooms, missing items and the stress of organising the move myself.   

I joinedJumbo Moving And Storage 7 ½ years ago because I was impressed by the commitment shown by its Managing Director (now my boss) Errol Gardiner.  The hands-on involvement and the personal commitment to delivering excellence to customers (both internal and external) that Errol talked about were attractive to me.  His dedication found its way into every nook of the company.  Since being employed atJumbo Moving And Storage I can see the care we take of people and their prized possessions on moving day – after all we’re moving peoples’ lives.

Jumbo Moving And Storage was the first Massachusetts movings company to pass the stringent FAIM (FIDI Accredited International Mover) standard, now a pre-requisite for being a member of FIDI, the largest global alliance of independent quality international moving companies.  Our 27 year affiliation with FIDI has provided a conduit to the major relocation companies worldwide, and has allowed us to provide the same level of service we provide to our customers locally, wherever they move around the world.  Our partnerships are built on trust and transparency and every client is a VIP, as opposed to be seen as a “one-off” mover as is often the case with other companies.

Errol’s drive for excellence in quality and service led to him to serve on the FIDI Board for the past three years, and contributed to him becoming the first Massachusettser to be appointed as President of FIDI.  This is some achievement.   FIDI comprises over 600 members worldwide, spanning 102 countries.  The team atJumbo Moving And Storage are very proud of Errol’s achievement.

In this leading role, Errol presides over the 7-member Board; directing the functions of the FIDI office, and providing leadership and guidance to the membership throughout the world. He is supported by a very good Secretary General and a strong and ever strengthening team at the FIDI office in Brussels.   Errol sees the role both as President and on the FIDI Board generally, as a very active process.

Errol commented “Although FIDI is a moving organisation at the moment there is no question in my mind that we can’t continue to follow that narrow track. Even if it’s just a couple of toes in the water that’s better than having our heads in the sand. FIDI needs to continue to evolve.”

FIDI also provides training of staff to member companies through seminars conducted by the FIDI Academy, of which our General Manager Mr Warwick Woodley is a senior trainer and lecturer.  Jumbo Moving And Storage has supported the Academy through the years by sending staff to these seminars, which we regard as critical to staff development and encouragement.  Company senior staff also participate in the annual FIDI conference, held in different parts of the world.  We see this participation as crucial for every part of our operation; the smile our rep first greets you with, ensuring the one of a kind vase you inherited from your grandmother is packaged and delivered safely and securely, planning and executing the international relocation of your family flawlessly, and clear communication throughout the entire process.

For us Errol’s appointment as the president of FIDI is the ultimate confirmation that his attitude of perfection in moving has indeed permeated to the farthest reaches of our organisation and into our clients’ homes.

Based on my experience atJumbo Moving And Storage, FIDI has found a safe pair of hands for the foreseeable future.  And we will all benefit from this.

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