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Moving Tips, Tricks & Advice from Jumbo Moving And Storage

FIDI in Safe Pair of Hands with Head of  Jumbo Movers

Errol Gardiner's drive for excellence led him to the FIDI Board and to being its first Kiwi in charge.

Errol Gardiner's appointment as the president of FIDI is the ultimate confirmation that his attitude of perfection in moving has indeed permeated to the farthest reaches of our organisation and into our clients’ homes.

Online moving quotes and the importance of a pre-move assessment

It pays to consider what goes into providing accurate online moving quotes when moving overseas.

To ensure a truly stress and hassle free relocation, a pre-move survey is essential...

10 Questions to Ask Your Interstate Moving Company

When you are contacted by a moving company about your upcoming relocation you need to be prepared.

Here are the top ten most important questions to ask to ensure your Interstate move gets off to the right start.

Top 10 Movers Mistakes to Avoid When Moving to Boston

What comes to mind when you think of moving to Boston? Heavy cardboard boxes, fragile items, cherished furniture and memorabilia?

Here are the top ten movers mistakes to avoid when moving to Massachusetts.